Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What We Like (or Don't Like) Wednesdays—WE LOVE IKEA!

Recently hubby and I had to take a quick trip to Orlando. He had a business meeting he had to attend, so that left me with some free time. We ate lunch at The Mall at Millenia, and I just stayed there while he drove to where his meeting was being held. Well, I started walking around the mall, and to say the least, I wasn't impressed. I am just not a mall shopper, and The Mall at Millenia is basically a really big Cordova Mall (our mall here in Pensacola, FL). Now don't get me wrong, The Mall at Millenia is the most beautiful mall I have ever been in, and I did enjoy all the beautiful fountains and awesome decorations. However, I got bored rather quickly. Now, Beth had mentioned that there was an IKEA nearby, and that’s where I went. It was a short walk through the parking lot and was well worth it.


Ikea Store

Here is a picture of the storefront. (Courtesy of Natalie C. at There are other pictures here of the Orlando IKEA.)

When I walked in, there was an escalator in front of me. I was a little overwhelmed and wondered where I should go. So, I picked up one of their maps. On the first floor is their Marketplace and on the second floor is their Showroom. I decided to check out their Showroom. Wow, what an amazing setup. They have six different sections: Living Rooms, Wall Units & Media Storage, Kitchens & Dining, Work Ikea, Bedrooms, and the Children’s Area. I didn’t take any pictures, and Ikea has too many rules concerning using their pictures, so I will provide some links to Ikea for “Ideas & Inspiration” and “Room Ideas.”

Living Room



Children’s IKEA


Happy browsing!

After following the walkway (with arrows so you don’t get lost) through the second floor (it was like following the yellow brick road), I made my way to the first floor which is their marketplace (also has a walkway with arrows). Everything you saw upstairs is available to buy downstairs. The sections downstairs are as follows: Cooking & Eating, Textiles & Rugs, Bath Shop, Home Organization, Lighting, Prints & Frames, Home Decoration, Greenroom, and the Self-Serve Furniture Area. I have never seen so many unique items with such amazing low prices. Their furniture is amazing! Their lighting is amazing! Their framed pictures are amazing! I could go on and on.

The store really is amazing, and I wish we had an IKEA closer to us here. If you get the chance to visit an IKEA store, do it! You won’t be sorry you did. There is no way for me to really describe it and have you understand. You have to go see it for yourself. Make sure you have LOTS of time because it takes a while to see the store, the whole store. I actually went through several times and saw new items each time I went through. Here is a link to IKEA. You can order some of their items online; however, most of their products are only available in their stores. If you would like, you can request an IKEA catalog here.

Hope you enjoy my information about IKEA and hope you enjoy browsing their website.

Have a great day!

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