Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Tips—How To Make Your Clothes Dryer Run More Efficiently

We decided to add a new topic to our blog, Thursday Tips. Here we hope to share general tips for making your life a little easier, a little greener, and just generally better.

The first set of tips concerns something most of us use weekly, some of us daily—the clothes dryer. The clothes dryer is one of the biggest users of electricity in your home, so learning to use it efficiently can save you lots of money.

Tip #1

Clean your lint filter, clean your lint filter, clean your lint filter! It is SO important to keep the lint filter clean, and it is so easy to do. A clogged lint filter causes your dryer to run longer which costs more money. A clogged lint filter can also be a safety hazard and cause a fire. So just clean your lint filter! I clean mine after each use.

Tip #2

When loading your dryer, make sure your dryer isn’t overloaded. If air can’t circulate between the clothes, then they take much longer to dry. Also, make sure you shake your articles of clothing out before putting them in the dryer. A towel in a ball takes a lot longer to dry than a flat towel.

Tip #3

Make sure the dryer vent hose is clean and unobstructed. Here is a good article on cleaning and maintaining a washer and dryer.

Tip #4

Make sure to use the fastest spin cycle possible when using your washer. The less water in the clothes means less drying time which saves money. Some delicate clothing can’t be spun out at the highest speed so use your own judgment and match the spin cycle to the type of clothing being washed.

Tip #5

Use only one dryer sheet at a time. Extra dryer sheets can block the lint filter which restricts air flow.

We hope you find these tips useful and hope they will save you some money.

Happy Drying! Smile

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