Friday, July 15, 2011

Feature Fridays—Pensacola, FL Antiquing

One of Beth’s favorite pastimes is antiquing. She has me hooked, but I can say for certain, she still likes it much more than me, maybe too much. Smile I don’t like a lot of clutter, and she, on the other hand, doesn’t mind at all. I think the packrat gene skips a generation. My mom was a packrat, guess I got skipped, and Beth is the next in line. (Her child will probably be like Dakota Fanning’s character in Uptown Girls. Haha!) That’s okay because she has found a lot of interesting and unique things. (Check out her post on our blog about her Etsy finds.) She has also found several great antique shops here in Pensacola, FL and has met a lot of great people at those places.

The first is Franklin Antiques.

Franklin Antiques

(Picture is courtesy of Google. You can see the little Google guy in the bottom right corner.)

Franklin Antiques is located at 6550 Mobile Highway here in beautiful Pensacola, FL. They have a wonderful assortment of antiques, lots of unique items. They have numerous vendors, and their inventory changes daily. I love the atmosphere at this place. This truly is an antique shop.

Here’s what Beth has to say about Franklin Antiques.

This is one of our favorite flea market/thrift store/antique shops in town, plus it’s right by my house outside the fairgrounds so it’s super close! Mom and I could wander through this place for hours, and they have enough stuff to keep us busy the whole time! Smile And their prices are the best in town too (there is always a booth with 50-80% off)! It’s rare that we don’t find at least one thing we just have to have from here! From a $2 Green Bay Packers sign, to a $15 bench and lots of cute Pyrex for under $5, we’ve had some great finds here!

Next is Dixie’s Antiques and Collectibles.

Dixie's Antiques and Collectibles

(Picture is courtesy of Dixie’s.)

I’ll let Beth do the “talking” for this one. Here is what she has to say.

This is a fun little store just north of 9 mile road on Hwy. 29.  Mom and I don’t always find something, but when we do, it’s usually something fabulous. Haha! Smile Just to name a few, I got a huge gallon size baggie of mostly Coats and Clark thread for just a $1 and a cute Blue Ball Mason Jar for only a $1 during their Dollar Days Sale back in March.  We’ve also gotten a cute set of enamel coated mixing bowls, a set of three, for just $2, and I got some crystal candlestick holders for just 50 cents each awhile back. Those I’ll be using at Christmas to make some crafts! Smile

And last, but not least, is Blue Moon Antique Mall.

Blue Moon Antique Mall

This place is huge. There are so many booths and so much stuff and LOTS to look at. Please make sure you have LOTS of time when shopping here because to see it all, you will need lots of it (time that is). I LOVE the atmosphere of this place which Beth will also mention.

Here is what she has to say.

This is the largest antique store in town. It’s over on Navy Blvd. and it’s another one of our (Mom and I) favorite places.  This is the type of store that we could curl up in a chair in and read for hours. Smile  The atmosphere is fantastic, and they have some of the neatest items in town. (Most are out of our price range, but it’s still nice to go and look!) We have made some good finds here though! Recently I got a Pyrex bowl that matches my Grandma’s set.  And I found a cute glass Atlas jar for $2 and a Blue Ball Mason Jar for $4.  (Finding a Blue Ball Mason Jar for $4 here at Blue Moon and one at Dixie’s for $1 is practically unheard of. Those crazy blue jars can go up to $30 a piece! Yikes!!)

These are just three of the fantastic antique shops we have in Pensacola. We will be featuring more later on. Stay tuned!

Have a great day!


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