Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thought For The Day

Beth has been receiving these great Daily Thoughts from Real Simple. She read one to me the other day, and I asked her to send it to me which she did. After receiving it, I realized that I could sign up to receive them also, so I did and now I’m hooked. I wanted to share the one that Beth shared with me.

“It takes time to be a success, but time is all it takes.”—Anonymous

How true is this. How do you use your time? I know I could use some improvement in time management which is something I am working on. I hope this quote inspires you like it inspired me.

Hope you are having a great week so far and are using your time wisely! Smile

Real Simple Magazine Cover

If you want to sign up for the Daily Thought from Real Simple, go to their website (click the picture above) and scroll all the way down. Over to the right is a box titled “Subscribe Now” with your choices below. Check the boxes of the free emails you are interested in, enter your email address, and click Submit. Hope you enjoy!

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