Monday, July 11, 2011

Made on Mondays—Lotus Boutique Necklace Knock-Off

Beth made the cutest necklace and wrote about it on her blog. I just LOVE this child (she’s mine of course) and all her talent and creativity and wanted to share her creation on our blog. So, here is her post word for word. Smile

When Adam and I were in Mobile last weekend for the estate sale, we stopped by Bel Air Mall to get pretzels at Auntie Anne's. We don't have one anymore in Pensacola, so anytime we are over there we have to stop! :) Well the great thing about the pretzel place is, it's right next door to one of my favorite shops, Lotus Boutique. Unfortunately our Lotus in Pensacola closed last year. I'm seeing a trend here. UGH! But at least Mobile is pretty close so it's not too far of a drive to go over there.

While in Lotus Boutique I spotted a super cute triple layer necklace that had fabric woven through it. I took one look at it, and told Adam, "I could so make that, and mine would be cuter." haha :) His reply was usual, "Take a picture and do it." So I did just that!

I ran by Joann's yesterday after work and grabbed my supplies and then came home and got to work! About halfway through, I realized I had forgotten to get eye pins for the beads, so after one more quick trip I had everything I needed to finish it up! :) I also was able to use a 20% off total purchase (sale and regular price items) coupon from Michael's which made my deals even better!!

So here is the original necklace from Lotus...

(Sorry about the crappy pictures, they are from my phone). I was excited last night that I had finished it and just started snapping pictures! :)

And here is the one I made. I snagged some Batik fabric strips from Mom's house when I was there on the 4th to use for this. I LOVE Batik's because they are the same on the front and back so I knew it would be perfect for threading through the chain of the necklace.

It took me about 3 hours to finish this up. I'm sure the next one will take way less since I've learned some what not to do and some how to make things go faster tips and tricks. :) I'll post a tutorial on it as soon a I've gather all my pictures up in case anyone wants to make one too!! I think the Lotus Boutique necklace would have been around $20 with tax, and I made this one for less than $10. Plus, I like my colors betters. :) hehe

Hope everyone has a great week!

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