Monday, August 8, 2011

Changing Things Up a Bit

We have decided our blog is too structured and have decided to change to a more laid-back format. We will still be talking about our business, of course, but will also be letting you all into our everyday lives. We hope you enjoy our rather mundane, although sometimes exciting, lives and hope you learn something along the way.

Last Thursday, I decided our house needed a good cleaning. I used to do this once a week but have fallen out of my routine. I do touchups on a daily basis, but the house was begging for more. So, most of my morning and part of my afternoon consisted of vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, washing, etc. I also washed rugs and hung them out on my new clothesline that my sweet husband put up for me. Well, the actual clothesline is new and the concrete the posts are sitting in is, of course, new. However, the posts are from our previous house. Glad I asked him to bring them.


Love my clothesline!!!

Beth and I had planned on going to the Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery Estate Sale this past Saturday; however, Miss Bella (Beth’s youngest child cat) was not feeling well. So, we decided to just hang around town. We went to Franklin Antiques to look around and for me to buy an Ohio license plate that Beth had found for my hubby. We are both originally from Ohio, and I have been looking for one for him.

License Plate

Isn’t it cute?! He has already hung it up on his wall in his garage/shop. Smile

Since we didn’t get to go to the estate sale in Mobile, I will post some random pictures of some of the things we have found lately at local estate sales around Pensacola.

Estate Find (1)

Cute, aren’t they? Beth found these little owls attached to some nasty macrame. After cutting off the macrame, the owls were perfect, and they found a home with Beth.

Estate Find (2)

Beth had to have this. Smile Not sure what it is. Maybe it holds incense.

Estate Find (3)

Be looking for this cute little dish in our Etsy shop. We loved it and decided it would be cute on a dresser or something similar. It could hold jewelry or extra change.

Estate Find (4)

We couldn’t pass up this basket of sewing goodies.

Estate Find (5)

And look what we found close to the sewing goodies. We couldn’t pass this up either because we both love vintage sewing items.

Estate Find (6)

And I LOVE these napkins/hankies. Beth says they’re napkins. I thought they might be handkerchiefs because they are SO soft. Anyway, whatever they are, they are certainly very pretty and in excellent condition.

Most of the items pictured will be in our Etsy shop. Be looking for them!

Have a great night!

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