Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Setting a Schedule and Coupon Chaos

Well everyone, I now have a daily schedule. Let’s see if I can stick to it. Working from home takes a lot, a LOT, of discipline. Beth and I really want this business venture to prosper, so I need to stick to this schedule for the business, myself, and my family. So far, so good, for today.

I did have to run to Publix today and discovered something you all might find interesting.

Publix Logo

(Picture courtesy of Publix.com.)

If you shop at Publix, you know that they have in-store coupon booklets that contain both manufacturer coupons and Publix coupons. I picked up a jar of Smucker’s Strawberry Preserves and noticed a sign that said there was a 75 cent coupon available in their coupon book. So, off I went to the front of the store where the weekly ads are and also the coupon booklets. Well, there were no coupon booklets. When I checked out, I mentioned it to the cashier, and she said the coupon booklets are now at the service desk. Why you ask? Because of the coupon craze that is sweeping this country! She said people were coming in and taking all the booklets and not leaving any for anyone else. I will just leave it at that and let you form your own opinion. By the way, the cashier gladly took the 75 cents off my total.

And to continue the coupon theme, I print coupons online occasionally at Target.com. Click here to go to their coupon page.

Target Bullseye

(Target logo courtesy of target.com.)

Usually I print dog food coupons, cat food coupons, and cat litter coupons. Well, today I tried to print six coupons, yes just six coupons. I was only able to print three of them. An error message popped up saying I had reached my limit of coupons for my household. Now, that was something new. Guess Target had to change their policy because of the coupon craze. Now, I will again let you form your own opinion regarding this.

I will say it’s sad for those of us who just want to save a few bucks. Hopefully, this is a short-lived fad, and it will go away VERY soon!

Well, the schedule thing worked pretty well today. I’m kind of OCD and need something written in black and white to stay on track. I am very pleased with my progress today, being it was my first day. I did get my leg workout in very early which is a major improvement. I also took our dog for a walk. My post tomorrow will be about that walk and a conversation I had with one of our neighbors.

Here’s hoping you are having a great evening!

Nite! Smile

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