Monday, August 20, 2012

Taking Great Photos

Taking great photos is an important aspect of our online business. The photos are so important because our customers cannot pick up and touch our items; therefore, our photos need to represent how beautiful our items are. Our photos need to “pick up” and “touch” the items for our customers, and they need to represent how soft our scarves are, how soft and pliable our bracelets are, and the great dimensionality of our flower pins. Taking a picture is the easy part. Getting a great photo that will represent our item in the best way possible, now that’s the difficult part.

Kodak Instamatic Camera

Most of our photos look pretty good; however, we want to make them great! Also, we need to be able to take our scarf pictures indoors. Between the heat and the rain, it’s almost impossible to get decent pictures outside.

We knew we needed a light box, so off to the computer we went in search of how to make a light box. Of course, Google is our best friend in times like this. Just to let you know, we use Google a LOT! We found some great sites with great tips on how to make and use a light box for taking great photos, and we wanted to share them with you in case you’re having the same issues as we are.

We found the first one here at Making it Lovely!

Storage Box Light Box 1
Great Idea!

And we found this similar one here at The Switchboards!

Storage Box Light Box 2
Same Idea! Little different setup!

Both use clear plastic storage boxes and inexpensive desk lamps.

The storage box idea is great for smaller items; however, we are also looking for a way to take pictures of our scarves on Mildred.


(In case you missed it and you’re wondering who Mildred is, click here for her story.)

In continuing our search, we found this great tutorial on how to build a Light Box/Light Tent.

PVC Light Box

What’s great about this one is you can make it whatever size you want, and that’s why we thought using this idea might be a good choice for pictures using Mildred.

The storage box light box will be our first endeavor. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!

Beth and Denise

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