Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to Me

I have the sweetest and most thoughtful daughter, EVER! She ALWAYS buys the most perfect presents for me, and now that she’s sewing, I get beautiful handmade presents TOO!

This Mother’s Day I got the cutest sewing machine cover, handmade by Beth, of course! It is the most thoughtful gift. Beth knows sewing machines should be covered to keep dust out, and she knows I don’t like messing with the hard plastic cover that goes with mine, SO…

she made me this cover!

sewing machine cover sewing machine cover

Isn’t it cute!!!

I LOVE it! If you look really close, there are LOTS and LOTS of frogs and toads on the fabric. We both love frogs and toads!

And along with it, I got…

ALL of this!

mother's day gifts

Two oven mitts (which I asked for), a pattern that I showed her on Etsy months ago, and two boxes of baggies.

The reason for the baggies is a funny one. She HATES that I wash out the larger gallon-size baggies and reuse them. I got the habit from my mom, and it just stuck with me. Now if the baggie is really greasy or something, then it gets tossed. Anyway, to be funny, she got me two boxes of baggies.

simplicity pattern 7041

The pattern is really special because I am fairly certain that my mom used a similar pattern to make clothes for me when I was little. Hopefully, one day I can use this pattern to make some clothes for Beth’s children. Smile

Hope you enjoyed my little Mother’s Day post and hope you enjoy your day today! Have a good one!


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