Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brown Polka Dot Scrappy Necklace Scarf - Brownie Dots - Handmade

Brown Polka Dot Scrappy Necklace Scarf - Brownie Dots – Handmade

brown necklace scarf

This handmade Brown Polka Dot Scrappy Necklace Scarf is the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe. The color palette, which includes shades of brown, green & white, is Brownie Dots.

necklace scarf

This Scrappy Necklace Scarf is a long and super skinny handmade scarf measuring approximately 66" long and 2" wide. (Please note, our scarves are unique and one of a kind, and the length and width can vary some.) Our scarves have multiple fabrics and fibers from a variety of places - including some really unique and luxurious yarns.

brown necklace scarf

Our scarves are carefully sewn (no knots) on a sewing machine using horizontal, vertical, and diagonal straight stitching to hold all the strips of yarn and fabric firmly in place. They are then stitched around all the edges, excluding the fringe, of course. They can be GENTLY hand washed and then hung up to dry.

You can wear them many different ways. Wrap them around a couple of times depending on how long you would like them or tie a knot in the front! Our necklace scarves are very lightweight and can be worn year round! They are also very versatile and can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, at the office, or dressed up for a night out.

brown scarf

You can find our Brown Polka Dot Scrappy Necklace Scarf here——in our shop!

Our bracelets and felt flower pins make great additions to our scarves!! We can make a coordinating bracelet and/or pin to match any of our scarves!

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