Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a Quick Post

I wanted to share some photos of what our house has looked like for the last 5-6 months.

kitchen remodel
Our living room!

kitchen remodel
Another view of our living room. (Please excuse the yellowish picture and the ones that follow. They were taken at night.)

kitchen remodel
Our foyer! I’ve never had a foyer before, so I’m really excited to say “our foyer.”

kitchen remodel
Another view of our foyer. Kitty got into this one.

Here she is close up.
maine coon

maine coon
Doesn’t she look just thrilled to be having her picture taken? I guess she’s had a rough day today.

kitchen remodel
And last but not least, our back bedroom where my treadmill and weight bench are. I will be glad to get this room back in order. Between most of our collectibles being packed away in there and all the kitchen stuff, it’s very claustrophobic to go in there and work out.

Actually getting the whole house back in order for a short time will be nice. I say short time because husband is already working on the laundry room.

‘Till next time!


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