Monday, April 30, 2012

Got Milk? Milk Glass That Is! We Do! Milk Glass Doric Lace Pattern Cupped Compote Bowl - Westmoreland Crystal – Vintage

As mentioned in the previous post, we added three new pieces of milk glass to our shop. We wanted to feature each piece in our blog separately, so we could share how beautiful each piece really is.

Milk Glass Doric Lace Pattern Cupped Compote Bowl - Westmoreland Crystal – Vintage

westmoreland glass milk glass compote

This lovely milk glass Doric lace pattern cupped fruit bowl/compote is approximately 7" tall and 9 3/4" wide. The base is approximately 4 1/4" wide. The pedestal has three legs/columns and a round foot with open lace. There is a WG marking from Westmoreland Glass Company on the bottom of the bowl.

milk glass compote

We consider this piece to be in fair condition and feel the price reflects these imperfections. There is a crack running through the bowl from side to side that you can somewhat feel with your fingernail. You can see it from the top in good lighting. It is barely visible from the bottom. There is a small amount of yellowing along the crack. The compote appears to be in stable condition with no signs of actual breakage. One of the legs has a yellowish mark on it. It might be a crack but doesn’t feel like one.

milk glass doric lace pattern

westmoreland glass milk glass compote

This super cute compote would make an excellent addition to your existing milk glass collection. Thinking of starting a milk glass collection, this would make a great starter piece. It would look lovely filled with fresh fruit! Or use it as a serving dish at your next party!

doric lace milk glass

This is a great piece even with the imperfections! Check it out in our shop along with all the other vintage pieces we have! While you’re there, take a look at our handmade items also.

Hope you are having a great Monday!

Beth and Denise

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