Monday, May 30, 2011

Made on Mondays--Easy Chicken and Noodles

We've decided to add recipes to Made on Mondays. We "make" recipes, so we figured Made on Mondays could include recipes.

Trying to run a business takes up a lot of time. Between our blog, Facebook, Twitter, making stuff for our shop, Beth's full-time get the idea, there's not a lot of time for everyday things like cooking. So, we are always looking for easy recipes to throw together. I personally don't like recipes with a lot of ingredients or complicated directions. I also am self-diagnosed with Celiac Disease (tested positive for the gene needed for Celiac) and because I have complications associated with Celiac, I decided to try a gluten-free diet. (I will post about this in more detail later on.) Getting fast food is pretty much impossible because almost everything you eat out has gluten in it. No more Subway, McDonalds, Dominos! It stinks! Sit-down restaurants offer more choices, but that gets expensive and it isn't quick. Since I love to cook, NOT!!!, I've had to find easy gluten-free recipes.

I have been craving Chicken and Noodles and went searching on Saturday for a quick, easy recipe.

I found a great recipe here courtesy of alaskanmom! Be sure and click on “alaskanmom” for more of her great recipes.

Here is a picture of her finished meal. Mine looked a little different because I used Fusilli pasta.

Easy Chicken and Noodles

Easy Chicken and Noodles


Chicken broth (around 50 oz., doesn’t have to be exact)
Water (add enough to boil noodles, about 3 cups)
16 oz. bag egg noodles (I used a 12 oz. bag of Heartland Gluten-Free Fusilli Pasta)
1 to 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken
Salt/pepper to taste
3 T butter

In addition, I added:

1 T cornstarch mixed in cold water (just a little water)


In a large pot, mix the broth and water. Cook the noodles (pasta) as directed. Add the cornstarch toward the end of the cooking time.

While the noodles are cooking, shred the cooked chicken.

When noodles (pasta) are (is) done, add the chicken, salt (I added a little [very little] salt to the pasta while it was cooking so didn’t add any here), pepper, and butter.

Heat through and serve over mashed potatoes or biscuits or just eat it by itself.

In the future for something different, I’m going to add a bag of frozen mixed vegetables to the mixture. My mom used to fix chicken and noodles with the veggies added in, and they always turned out good. Besides, that way you are getting some vegetables in with your meal. We had cooked carrots (separate, not added in) with ours last night, so that was our veggie.

Well, we hope you enjoy this recipe. If you decide to fix it, let us know how you like it.

Have a great night! Denise

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