Friday, May 27, 2011

Feature Fridays—Coupon for Free Stuff, a Great Freebie Site, a Great Blog, and some Great Giveaways

So, here we are for Feature Fridays. We are featuring a Coupon for Free Stuff, a Great Freebie Site, a Great Blog, and some Great Giveaways. Here we go!

Who doesn’t like Yoplait Yogurt? You’re going to like it even more because you can get one for free.


Get your coupon for one FREE cup of Yoplait Original Yogurt here. After filling out a short form, they will send you a coupon in the mail. Enjoy!

Sweet Free Stuff!


This quote is directly from their site. “This site is updated every day with brand new posts of current available free samples, free stuff, savings, coupons, deals, sweeps, product samples and anything that can save you some dough!” You can sign up for emails from them to get up-to-date offers. It’s great getting free stuff in the mail. Sometimes it looks like Santa has visited when we open our mailboxes. Smile Link to them here.

House of Smiths

Head on over to House of Smiths and check out the great giveaways Shelley has featured on her blog. First of all, check out her GREAT blog! She has the best sense of humor, and she offers great DIY inspiration and advice. She is featuring a great, new site called Hometalk.

Here is what Shelley says about it, “Hometalk is a community of regular folks and home improvement pros who love to talk about home improvement.” Check it out here. While you are visiting their site, be sure to enter their giveaways. You have to sign up in order to enter the giveaways but heck why not! It’s a great site, and if you’re into home improvement and DIY projects, this is just the site for you. After signing up, go to their home page. Then you have to click on the Search, Ask, or Share buttons in order to see the giveaways currently available on their site (on the right sidebar).

Here are their current giveaways!

Hope you enjoy Shelley’s blog as much as we do! And Good Luck with the Giveaways!

Well, this closes our latest edition of Feature Fridays. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! Stay safe!

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