Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Remodel—Good-Bye Really Big Cabinet

Well, this is long overdue update on our kitchen remodel. Just to refresh your memory, our kitchen used to look like this.

kitchen remodel

And this

kitchen remodel

If you look closely in the above picture, you can see the white microwave sitting in the large cabinet to the left of the refrigerator.

Here’s a better picture of the cabinet. The microwave has been removed.

kitchen remodel

Well, anyway, this was the next project in our kitchen remodel—removing this large cabinet.

Now, this cabinet wasn’t much to look at, but it held a LOT of stuff. I am getting a pantry in my new kitchen, so hopefully I won’t miss this one too much.

Here’s a picture of this corner with the cabinet removed.

kitchen remodel

As you can see, part of the wall is gone too. I forgot to take a picture after the cabinet was removed. By the time I remembered, more demo had commenced in that area. Oops!

Our kitchen remodel is progressing steadily. I can’t wait for it to be done. I HATE dust, and there seems to be a lot of that around here lately. You just have to learn to live with it and keep thinking “new kitchen, new kitchen.”

Well, hope you enjoyed my update to our kitchen remodel. Stay tuned for more!

Have a great day!


PS-The large cabinet found a new home upstairs in my husband’s garage. It was SO big, he had to cut it in half to get it up the stairs. Smile

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